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Westlake Village Wedding | Victoria & Sean

Get ready to fall in love! This French Estate wedding perfectly captures the beauty of California. It began raining but by the time the ceremony began, the sky had cleared and it turned into a beautiful evening. With a crisp white, green, and purple color palette and free-flowing florals by Growers Direct Flowers, this celebration is sure to make your heart flutter. The stunning snaps by Pink Diamond Weddings captured the special day perfectly.


Veronica was the driver to a night out to a club with her best friend and her girlfriend on February 19, 2012. Her friend asked if she could bring her brother James, and Veronica said sure. The two of them hit it off and began seeing each other. They went on several dates and learned a lot about each other. On April 14, 2012 James took Veronica to one of his sister’s 20s themed birthday parties. James decided to make it official and asked Veronica to be his girlfriend. They have been through it all: Veronica getting her Bachelors, credential, teaching over 40 miles away, and getting her Masters. James stood by and supported her through everything.


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